All about India’s own GPS NAVIC

It is time for us to get out own GPS. When we search a location or use google maps our android mobile phone connects to GPS (Global Positioning System). ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has been developing very own GPS system called Navic(Navigation at Indian Constellation).

Developed countries like China and Russia use their own satellite navigation systems instead of USA based GPS. India has been trying to launch its own GPS since Kargil war as USA refused to share GPS data of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Indian  Regional Navigation Satellite System was launched in 2016.

Narendra Modi Government is hellbent to introduce Navic. The government has asked mobile chip makers like Qualcomm and Broadcomm to integrate chipsets in mobile phone from now on to shift to Navic. Mobile phone companies have to abide as India is the biggest market for mobile phones with highest number of mobile users. Moreover, Navic is more accurate than GPS since the technology uses both S and L bands unlike later which uses only L band.


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