Anastasia Shuts it as Grey turns Dr. Death!

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, the hit pair of Fifty Shades of Grey which created sensation in 2015 are back in news. Dakota’s role of Anastasia had become fantasy darling for many having played submissive contract partner to Richie rich perverted sex maniac Christian Slater essayed by Dornan.

More than Dakota’s bodily sex appeal in the film, her infectious smile left greater impact. Especially due to the gap between incisor teeth. Perhaps, Dakota’s recent public appearance has made fans disappointed. OMG! much admired gap between her teeth is filled!! Dakota had a different story to tell but fans would never get convinced, ofcourse.

On the flipside, James Dornan has been cast for a TV series alongside Hollywood stars like Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater, both appeared as Batman. Dornan would be seen as Dr. Christopher Duntsch in this series titled Dr Death. Hope he would have deadly make-out scenes.


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