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Cast          : Sumanth Shailendra, Eesha Rebba, Murli Sharma
Director    : Prabhakar Podakandla
Producers : Shailendra Babu
Music        : JB
Cinematographer : Karthik Palani
Diamond Babu (Sumanth Shailendra) is a pampered son of a rich businessman (Murali Sharma). He is called Brand Babu for his obsession for luxury brands. He is on hunt to find a girl with similar mindset. Eventually, he falls in love with the home minister’s daughter (Poojitha Ponnada).
Her housemaid (Eesha Rebba) misunderstands that Babu is in love with her. One fine day, Babu also realizes that he is really in love with the maid.
How he overcomes his status and brand obsession to win the hand of poor girl is the storyline.
Brand Babu has got an interesting concept to create fun. However, screenplay and making played spoilsport. The film banks on hero’s characterization. His obsession with brands strikes right chord with youth and rakes comedy in the first half. Perhaps, second half is meddled with unwanted episodes. Maruthi mark comedy tickles. After slowing down for a while, pre-climax offers hilarious comedy.
It could have been a nice confusion comedy with a better written script.  Halfbaked emotional scenes appear forced. Deliberate attempt to be different kills the excitement.
It’s a dream debut for Sumanth Shailendra. He looks charming and does a decent job as pampered rich kid who values things than people. Eesha Rebba is delivers a performance at ease as maid. Poojitha Ponnada is good too with pretty looks. Murali Sharma stands out with his natural comedy timing.
Director selected an interesting content but half hearted presentation is the problem. Background music by JB gives a lively feel and two songs are hummable. Cinematography is cool creating a lively ambience.
Bottom-line : Brand Babu – Time pass comedy


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