Chandrababu and Lokesh convoy attacked with Chappals

Telugu Desam Party held Chalo Amaravathi long march on Thursday protesting against YS Jagan’s government in neglecting development of new capital of Andhra Pradesh. YSR Congress leader Botsa Satyanarayana called Amaravathi is like graveyard and there is nothing there. Earlier minister Bokkanna said that the government cannot build capital as it has got its own priorities. In this wake, opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu flagged off a long march to safeguard people’s interest of building Amaravathi.

Former minister Nara Lokesh stated that public including farmers voluntarily gave their lands to the new capital on land pooling basis laying their faith on Chandrababu as he sew seeds for a global city like Amaravathi. The ex – CM along with his party leaders and workers held long march in Amaravathi today. Police and ruling party leaders have been objecting on this. Some unidentified men attacked Naidu and his convoy with stones, allegedly YSR Congress sympathisers pelted stones on the Ex-CM and his men. Lokesh said, “ Jagan is an amazing actor who deserves many Bhaskar Awards.”


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