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Cast: Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Rohini, Jayaprakash, Vennela Kishore
Music: Prashant Vihari
Banner: Annapurna Studios
Direction: Rahul Ravindran
Arjun(Sushant) is software engineer leading a luxurious life. He is a reluctant bridegroom under pressure from parents to get hitched. He keeps rejecting proposals. One fine day, he meets Anjali (Ruhani) as his match. Arjun admits to her that he’s not yet ready for marriage. But later he develops liking for her and starts pursuing. What would be Anjali’s reaction? Will she accept his love? Will her family welcome him?
ChiLSow is a rom-com entertainer with family drama. The story revolves round a reluctant bridegroom and an independent bride. How love blossoms between them and make them hitched forms the plot.
Film initially focuses on the concept of eligible bachelors who get pestered by family and society to get married. The film takes off on a wedding note. First half is hilarious with decent comedy. Soon the film takes a turn with interesting twist. Both hero and heroines characterizations are well etched and the chemistry between them plays crucial part in the story. Chilasow is like slow poison that gradually grips in with intriguing narration. Second half keeps hooked with emotional and sentimental drama. It appears like watching a TV serial for a while. Lags that make it weary could have been avoided. However, it is relieved after a flashback and with sensitive comedy. Climax has a punch that leaves an impact. Overall a decent watch and cheers to Rahul Ravindran.
Sushanth gives a seasoned performance showcasing evolution from a reluctant bridegroom to a responsible lover. Ruhani Sharma is good too in her scope. Chinmayi’s dubbing is big plus. Vennela Kishore makes us ROFL. Rohini, Jayaprakash and Sanjay Swaroop are decent as parents.
Chilasow has got good production values. Prashant Vihari’s music is an asset to the movie. Background score enhances the emotional depth of the scenes. Absorbing narration with lighter vein comedy makes ChilaSow a decent family watch. Rahul Ravindran has been successful at it. He makes an impressive debut as director and sure to go long way. Crisp editing could have made the film more entertaining.
Bottom-line: ChiLaSow – Get hitched soon!


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