Conspiracy to Kill Megastar Chiranjeevi?

Chiranjeevi is considered epitome of Telugu cinema. Nevertheless, there are many stalwarts and superstars in TFI but Megastar’s position is unparalleled. His enormous fan base is unmatched. He proved his stamina with box-office storm in second innings too. Social media is abuzz that there had been a conspiracy to assassinate Chiranjeevi. The news is going viral on the net about the poison attack on Chiru. The incident took place in 1988. It had been published in all major newspapers of those days. He was rising to stardom with superhit films like Khaidi, Magamaharaju, Challenge, Abhilasha, Kondaveeti Donga etc. Apparently, he attracted envy from other biggies of those days. When Chiru was shooting for Maranamrudangam, a fan approached him saying that its his birthday and want to celebrate it by cutting cake along with his matinee idol. The guy is said to have forced Chiru to have the cake first but the piece fell down and suspicious substance spilled out of it. Unit members caught hold of that guy and sent the substance for tests. They found it to be poison but who sent it is a mystery even today.



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