Coronavirus conspiracy! Who is real villain?

Coronavirus pandemic outbreak and the life at standstill was never been witnessed in History. Everyone is cursing China and it’s president Xi Jinping for the disastrous state of affairs across the globe. Perhaps, there are many conspiracy theories revolving round the Covid. Besides the Chinese virus theory, there is infamous pharma industry coupe being suspected. Stephen Fauci, medical advisor to US government bus seen as front face. America is worst effected by the pandemic with over 5lakh patients and thousands of deaths.

They have followed Herd immunity strategy where virus loses its effect gradually upon wide spread but it backfired. Bill Gates who predicted virus outbreak and biological war years ago is seen as mastermind as he has been funding heavily to comeup with a preventive vaccine for Covid. It will be a trilllions of dollars business as the vaccine would be made mandatory for everyone. US prez Donald Trump on other hand is promoting Hydroxychloroquine which he requested from India to be effective treatment for Corona. White House is split over by this debate. However, most countries believe Trump and they are offered big supplies of the drug by India along with Paracetamol.

UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil are some of nations importing HOCQ from India. Brazil prez even termed it as Sanjivini brought by Hanuman to save Laxman in Ramayan. A section of people believe Hydroxychloroquine as disruptive medicine to vaccine biz planned by pharmas backed by Gates so the syndicate is delaying the pronouncement and treatment of patients causing several deaths and destroying economy so that Trump will lose election in November.


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