COVID19: Alarming Corona Cases in India!

Corona cases are rapidly increasing worldwide. Horrifying numbers are being reported. Globally the COVID 19 cases are 338448. Italy is worst hit by the pandemic. In USA, 100 people have died of the disease. Amid panic situation worldwide, Indian PM Narendra Modi called for Janta Curfew on Sunday. People voluntarily quarantined themselves at home.

Telangana and AP governments announced lockdown till Mar 31. However some people and companies are ignoring the call. PM Modi and Telangana CM KCR has warned those who violate the shut down. Corona cases have crossed 400 in India. Its alarming thing as the 3rd stage is believed to be nearing. Celebs and film stars are urging public to remain safe at home keeping themselves hygenic.

Some have requested government to swing in military and impose section 144 to keep people off the streets. Russian President Putin has ordered 5 year jail for those who roam on streets by this the numbers are very much under control in their nation.


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