Do Critics have right to curse filmmakers?

Never before, ever after effect of Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown should either change thought process of people or leave them to their fate. Mindful some must be attaining renaissance but most remain same unfortunately. Film fraternity is no exception. As audience evolve, makers too should come up with sensible and thoughtful content, of course with entertainment.

The world is witnessing god’s script subjected to human eccentric discourse hurting nature. Devotees of all faiths abuse god for their hard penances and submissions. Perhaps, fans don’t spit a word on their matinee idols as the game is on makers. The directors and producers take the blame indeed. Well they can’t retort. They don’t even deserve to soft target critics.

Filmmaking is most of all about bringing script to screen. Picking proper script and not meddling with it is primary. An investor for quick bucks got million other jobs. When everything is written, shot to scene very much in control of filmmakers. Why not deep rip them with craving claws, critics!


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