Director slammed for Slap lover comment

Kabir Singh is shaking Bollywood box-office with its massive collections. Arjun Reddy remake grossed over 200 crore. Director Sandeep Vanga has become talk of B-town. The thug-of-life director is ripping apart critics for negative reviews on his movie. Feminists have slammed Kabir Singh for its protaganist’s toxic and violent behavior. Many objected Shahid threatening a woman with knife to have sex with him.

Sandeep lashed out at Bollywood critic Rajeev Masand for giving 2 stars to Kabir Singh. In Anupama Chopra’s interview, Sandeep asked how could Rajeev rate Sanju with 3.5 stars when it also has got toxic romance where the hero claims to have sex with 300 odd women. When the host asked about hero slapping the heroine in the film, he said that there is no point in loving when the couple can’t slap each other.

Further he said that men should have liberty to touch his woman anywhere. These remarks brewed fresh controversy. Feminists are lambasting Sandeep for his regressive statement. Singer Chinmayi Sripada who has been flagbearing metoo movement made hard-hitting comments on the director and had to face trolls. Samantha supported Chinmayi and faces the wrath too. The issue is taking social media by storm. Check it out.



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