Disha like justice demanded for Sugali Preethi

Sugali Preethi a 15-year-old Class 10th student was gang raped and  murdered in her hostel room in Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy Residential High School in the outskirts of Kurnool on August 19th, 2017. Her mother is fighting for justice since then. Police have covered up the case since political bigwigs are involved. Parents allege that school management are the culprits. Sugali Preeti had complained to her parents earlier about harassment by two men – the sons of the school Correspondent Vallapureddy Janardhan Reddy. She had told them that Harshavardhan Reddy (43), and Diwakar Reddy (41) would misbehave with her in the night, because of which she didn’t want to stay in the hostel. The parents were planning to approach the management on August 20 regarding the issue but their daughter was dead on August 19.

Sugali Preethi Rapists
Sugali Preethi Rapists

Her mother Parvati says that the girls are made to pass through a bedroom of school head to go to bathrooms. Sugali Preeti was hanged to a  fan to make it appear as suicide. Postmortem reports stated that she was raped and strangled to death. There were injury marks all over her body. Her mother vented anger saying her bladder was full of semen. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan questioned government in this regard and demanded justice to the victim’s family. Her mother claimed that school management offered her 70 lakhs to withdraw the case. Today the hashtag #JusticeForSugaliPreethi is trending across India. Public are demanding Disha like justice to be done and monsters who raped the teenager should be encountered in public.



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