George Reddy Censor Report

George Reddy is all set to hit screens on Nov 22. Censor report is out ahead of movie’s release. CBFC has given U/A certificate to the film. As per inside report, censor members who have seen the film revealed that its big let down. George Reddy has been overhyped as touted to be a biopic on student leader with same name who fought for his ideology in OU decades ago.

Meanwhile, news channels are conducting debates on the film to rake an unnecessary controversy and garner some publicity. George Reddy was ardent follower of Marxist communism. He established Progressive Development Student Union (PDSU). He is said to be a gold medalist in Physics who would have been a scientist bringing glory to nation if alive. His followers also feel he would have been PM.

They allege that Right wing ideologist ABVP brought goons have killed George Reddy by stabbing him 60 times in OU in 1972. In turn, ABVP allege that left wing unions are trying to portray George as a hero and ABVP as villain. They also threatened to stall the film in that case. A war of words is waged between two wings on social media.

ABVP leaders allege that George is a naxalite who killed several ABVP leaders and several cases are pending on him. He inherited Christian and communist ideology from his mother, a Keralite.


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