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Cast        : Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Vennela Kishore, Prakash Raj
Director  : Sashi Kiran Tikka
Music      : Sricharan Pakala
Producer : Abhishek Nama
Banner    : Abhishek Pictures
Goodachari Story:
Gopi (Adivi Sesh) is left as orphan after his father Raghuveer, a raw agent gets killed by enemy nation while on secret mission called Trinetra. Gopi is raised by Prakash Raj with different identity. Inspired by his father, Gopi applies to become a raw agent but is playful in training. He meets Anjali (Sobhita) and falls in love with her. Anjali makes him realize his goals. He completes the training and is given a number 116.
He gets assigned with an anti-terrorist mission. Some raw agents and its chief also get killed in a terrorist attack. Gopi is held responsible for it and he’s sued. Upon learning that it’s a conspiracy against him, he escapes from the officials and set on his own mission to unravel the mystery.  In the process, he discovers who his father is and his real identity.
Goodachari Review:
It has been a long time since spy thriller has been seen on Telugu screen.  Following the traces of Superstar Krishna’s Goodachari 116 and Agent Gopi, Goodachari comes as spy thriller made with sophistication. The film may have shades of Hollywood spy flicks like Bourne Identity and Kingsman but Goodachari has ingenious content with native sensibilities intact. Thank god its not desperate attempt to mimic any Bond movie though it has got some cool gadgetry relevant to the story.
The film has parceled with adequate emotional and sentimental elements. First half is somewhat slow paced with intro and training scenes. The film picks up momentum from interval. Surprising twists and turns make it an edge-of-the-seat watch. Narration goes haywire at places creating confusion. As the hero connects dots to unfold the mystery it gets exciting and racy. Adrenaline rushing chase sequences and slick action stunts keep us glued. The climax is tad bit lengthy, however there’s a goose bump moment.
Adivi Sesh looks suave and gives a terrific performance as secret agent. Sobhita Dhulipala is surprise package with her good looks and decent act. Supriya makes a impressive comeback as RAW officer. Jagapathi Babu appears mismatch for the role. Prakash Raj and Anish Kuruville are good for their roles. Vennela Kishore adds comic relief.
Goodachari is technically top-notch. It is well made movie in all aspects provided with limited budget. Music is pulsating and throttles the racy scenes. Cinematography is brilliant in setting an thriller impact. Gripping screenplay is the major asset of Goodachari.
Bottom-line: Goodachari – emotional, engaging sentimental spy thriller.


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