Guess who is replacing Nagababu for Jabardasth

Can we imagine Jabardasth without Nagababu’s disruptive LOLs. Megabrother along with Roja created impact as judges reviewing skits by the standup comedians. However, Jabardasth makers are replacing Nagababu soon. It is said that Nagababu had clash with them over remuneration. He’s being paid nearly 2.5lakh per episode. It is believed that Nagababu’s attitude as mega brother and being politically active member of Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is also reason for his ousting.
Another comedy show has been started in another channel as competition to Jabardasth. Dhanraj, Venu and others are part of it. Nagababu is likely to be judge to this show. Meanwhile, buzz has it that Bandla Ganesh is in talks in the place of Nagababu in Jabardasth. But it is known that Bandla Ganesh had serious heated argument with Roja in a TV debate a year ago. They hurled abusive words at each other in live show. It is to be seen if Roja agrees Bandla to be sitting behind her as a judge. Ali was also approached but he softly refused being busy with different programs.


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