Heroine reveals about vulgar eggs scene

Hot beauty Mallika Sherawat is all set for a grand comeback. She is currently busy with Ekta Kapoor’s Boo Sabke Phategi. Mallika and Ekta are on Kapil Sharma’s talk show. Mallika is known to have acted in sensuous films like Murder and Hiss. Kapil made fun that nowadays chapathis are rolled in sizzling photoshoots of heroines on magazine covers. Mallika revealed a shocking trivia as why she lost many film offers. Mallika alleged that a filmmaker asked her to perform vulgar scene where she had to hold eggs on her breast and waist. She’s said to have refused to do the scene and got replaced by another actress. Mallika slammed filmmakers and heroes for replacing her with their girlfriends in several such films that she was supposed to do.



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