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Intelligent Movie Review
Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya Tripathi
Director : V. V. Vinayak
Music: SS.Thaman
DOP: S. V. Vishweshwar
Editor : Gowtham Raju
Producer : C. Kalyan
Sai Dharam Tej’s movies since Winner have been disappointing. The Supreme hero comes with yet another commercial potboiler in the combination of mass director VV Vinayak. Let’s see if Intelligent makes Sai Dharam and his fans happy.
Intelligent Story:
Sai Dharam Tej(Tej) is a software professional. Mafia gripping Hyderabad wants to take control of company. Nasser, MD of the company is murdered. Sai turns a don by the name Dharma Bhai and challenges the mafia. How Dharma Bhai saves company and the city from evil clutches forms the story.
Intelligent Review:
Intelligent movie is exactly opposite to the title. It has got dumbest of the plot and screenplay is even terrible. VV Vinayak has made mashup of his previous movies. Intelligent has got more shades of Ravi Teja starrer Krishna. Hero making villains bakra in his own den is probably Vinayak’s only known formula. Atleast comedy didn’t workout. Most of the time joke is on audience.
First half is sluggish with no movement in story. Posani and Jayaprakash Reddy try hard to tickle. Interval introduces Dharma Bhai which is nothing new. Brahmanandam fails again with his routine character.
Second half is miserable with regular mass masala ingredients. Its  5 songs, 4 fights, some comedy here and there and heavy climax. Lavish spending with no reason. Unnecessary characters come and go. Silly scenes with no emotional connect.  Villains are made clowns again and there is no need of hero to deal them.
Sai Dharam shines in this lackluster film. His energetic dances are the only grace to the film. Lavanya Tripathi sizzles in glamorous avatar but has no scope for performance. Posani, JP and others are okay in supporting roles.
S Thaman music is average. Remix song is the only one that stands out. Cinematography is good. Vinayak is visible in every frame. His archaic narration style and direction is big letdown.
Sai Dharam Tej’s hardwork is wasted. VV Vinayak disappoints with his old template. Intelligent is mass flick you can easily miss.
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