JLE Cinemas Opens Tomorrow In Guntur

Hello Movie Lovers, we are happy to announce the grand opening, of JLE Cinemas promoted by Ramu Polisetty, is happening tomorrow in Guntur.
Born out of the desire to redefine and revolutionise the movie-going experience for audiences that seek an unrivalled experience, we have constantly strived to achieve the best of global standards in cinema-viewing.
We have incorporated the standards of SMPTE and THX in our designs and as a result have created the best in DCI compliant standards with enhanced experience, including the latest technologies available such as 4k projection, Dolby ATMOS, 3D in Premium Large Screens that will give the guests in each of our auditoriums a stadium seating arrangement.
In the quest to give the best to cine goers, we have collaborated with leading architects, designers and renowned consultants from across the world, to provided custom interiors and elevations.
The ambience of the auditoriums will be complemented by the grand lobby where we have a custom-made concession fare designed by highly experienced chefs who have worked towards giving a gastronomical delight whilst keeping the health of our guests in mind. We are introducing a menu of complete vegetarian food, all freshly made by a chef present on site at all times, with the usage of little or no oil in our Italian kitchens.
We also intend to provide location based specific leisure amenities like lounge inspired cafés, virtual reality gaming and exclusive spa treatments.
So keen are we to give the best of facilities that we’d like people to talk about the “JLE standard” as the best of standards in a global arena.


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