Mohan Babu slays with counters in Murthy’s interview!

Actor, educationalist, politician Mohan Babu has been interviewed by TV5 Murthy. The reporter is known to ask twisty provoking questions. Mohan Babu slayed in his style with counters without losing his cool. Its a thrilling randezvous between them. Murthy covered all aspects of Mohan Babu’s inspirational journey from actor to educationalist to politician.

The most interesting part of course about his rivals in both filmdom on politics. Murthy didn’t leave any stone unturned to rub the rough side. However, Mohan Babu remained composed but gave savage answers at the same time. About his current political stand, Murthy posed a quirky query if it’s Lotus or Lotus Pond. Listen to the interview to know the whiplashes from Mohan Babu.



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