Movies to release soon even as theaters are shut

Movies industry is also terribly hit by ongoing Coronavirus lockdown. Many big movies like Nani’s V, Anushka’s Nissabdham etc. were supposed  release are being postponed. Their fate is uncertain as lockdown has been extended. Even after that theaters may be shut down for couple of months more. So, producers may have to wait till July or August to release their movies. They have to bare huge losses. Meanwhile, OTT platforms like Amazon prime, Netflix, Aha, Zee5, Sunnxt are making use of situation. People sitting at home are spending hours watching series and movies on OTT platforms.

Most new movies are getting good viewership much better than in theaters. Reportedly, ott platforms are offering big price for upcoming films. Producers are tempted and looking to cash in by realising their films directly on ott than wait for theaters to open. Dil Raju is said have struck a deal for his films with prime. Ram’s Red has been offered 20 cr for direct release as per buzz. Film industry may not be functioning same way post Corona. It may change the scenario forever and movies may have to be seen in living rooms at houses. Next generation may miss the thrill of watching fdfs whistling and throwing papers amid fans hungama.


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