Napoleon Movie Review


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Cast: Anand Ravi, Komali, Ravi Varma,

Director: Anand Ravi

Producer: Bhogendra Gupta

Music: Sidharth Sadasivuni

Napoleon Story:

Napoleon(Anand Ravi) complains in police station that his shadow is missing. The case becomes sensation all over media and public. Twist arises as Napoleon reveals that God has come in dream and helps solve a murder mystery which had been disguised as an accident. Shocking details come to light as cops go deep into investigation. What is the case all about? What happened to Napoleon’s shadow? How is it related to the case? Curious to find answers? Watch Napoleon at your nearest theaters.


Napoleon has got a novel concept. Perhaps, narrating a wafer thin plot as this for two hour feature film is a challenge. Script carries interesting twists and turns. The first half is gripping with suspense element. Director keeps it as realistic as possible. Investigation part is well handled. However, Second half is meddled with inclusion of horror angle which is not convincing. Climax looks silly and the maintained interest loses all of a sudden. Napoleon could have been decent thriller if it would have been dealt more logical and practical.

Napoleon Review

Technical Aspects:

Production values are okay for the film made on shoe-string budget. Background score is in sync with the film’s proceedings. Lags in the second half could have been trimmed with crisp editing. Direction by Anand Ravi is impressive.


The film would have been more appealing with better star cast. Anand Ravi could have avoided playing lead role. Any seasoned actor would have given the requisite intensity and highlighted the character. Ravi Varma did a brilliant job as a cop.

Bottom-line: Napoleon is a novel suspense thriller that goes awry

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