Nenu Kidnap Iyyanu Review


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Cast: Posani Krishna Murali, Brahmanandam, Prudhvi, Tagubothu Ramesh, Raghubabu

Music : Srikanth

Director : Sreekara Babu

Producers : Madhavi


A group of enthusiastic friends aspire to begin a software start-up. They seek help of a MNC director Dubey (Posani) and disclose their innovative project details. Dubey employs them and vows to promote their project to higher level. But he sells the project to another company. Furious friends plan to kidnap Dubey to teach him a lesson. The following incidents would be interesting to watch on big screen.


Nenu Kidnap Iyanu is comedy crime drama. Lackluster screenplay is the main drawback of the film. Bland and dull narration played spoilsport. Unexciting scenes with outdated comedy test patience. Thank god, the film’s runtime is short. Most of the scenes are illogical and forced. Except some scenes where technology is highlighted are somewhat okay.


Posani Krishna Murali tries his best to bring some interest with his amusing antics as MNC boss. Brahmanandam appears in yet another disappointing role. Prudhvi and Raghu Babu tickle with their typical mannerisms. Some witty dialogues raise laughs.


Director Srikar Babu’s chose good concept but failed in execution. He falls short of narrating the story in engaging style. Background music and songs are good. Cinematography is average. Scenic beauty of Vizag is well explored. Editor is the real saviour of the movie and audience for this movie.

Bottom-line: Audience feel kidnapped