Next Nuvve Movie Review


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Cast: Aadi, Rashmi Gautam,Brahamaji, Srinivas Avasarla

Direction: Prabhakara

Producer: Bunny Vas

Production Banner: V4 Movies

Next Nuvve Story:

Karthi (Aadi) renovates an old building to a hotel to clear his debts. The hotel starts off and as days pass by guests die one after the other in suspicious way without any clue. How they die and why they die forms the crux of the story.


Next Nuvve is basically a comedy movie with a pint of so called horror in it. It revolves around a building and the serial deaths happening one by one in the house.  The screenplay of the movie is routine and scripting isn’t that great, being debutant director Prabhakar concentrated on comedy rather than engaging audience. Some silly scenes and mediocre dialogues reduces the film to a serial stuff.


Background music by Sai Kartheek is in sync with the film and is okay. Cinematography is average. Production values are decent as the film runs in one location of a resort.


Aadhi is good at places. Vaibhavi delivers decent performance. Anchor Rashmi sizzles in her seductive role. Brahmaji bring some laughs here and there. Comedians Prudhvi and Thagubothu Ramesh tickles with their humour. Raghu Babu rakes fun with his weird appearance.


Next Nuvve is amateur attempt at horror-comedy.