NRI Prabhakar sensational comments on Lokesh

NRI Prabhakar Reddy who claims himself as Punch Prabhakar made sensational comments on Nara Lokesh. Prabhakar earlier made some derogatory remarks on Lokesh some 3 months back. TDP leader Varla Venkateswar filed legal case on Prabhakar. Now again, Prabhakar made personal attack on Lokesh with abusive words.

In his insensitive vlog, Prabhakar raised questions on Lokesh’s birth and said that it brought bad omen to the party. Further he made ridiculous humiliating comments that Lokesh doesn’t have fire engine and so his Benz car is being driven by someone called Konda Reddy. These inflammatory remarks received backlash from TDP leaders and supporters. These kind of personal attacks will ignite clash between parties and communities, opined some.


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