Pawan Kalyan Fans Harass Samantha’s Voice!

On the other day, Renu Desai was trolled by Pawan Kalyan fans for expressing her views on second marriage in a TV interview. Renu had to defend herself on social media. She retorted to fanatics by sharing a statement on her social networking page. It didn’t stop Pawan fans from trolling. Latest, singer Chinmayi Sripada is being harassed by Pawan fans on her micro-blogging account.

Chinmayi is the on screen voice of actress Samantha. The singer shared Renu Desai’s FB status and supported her. “Somehow a woman has to apologise for her choices in life, clarify for other people’s assumptions. It ll be nice if people took her advise,” wrote Chinmayi. This received flak of PK fans. Some frenzied fans went to the extent of slut shaming Chinmayi and also made rape threats. Chinmayi fought back with grace. Kudos to her.