Raja The Great Movie Review


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Cast: Ravi Teja, Mehreen Pirzada, Sreenivas Reddy, Radhikaa Sarathkumar

Director: Anil Ravipudi

Music: Sai Kartheek

Producer: Dil Raju

Banner: Sri Venkateshwara Cine

Raja The Great Story:

Raja (Ravi Teja) is a sightless youngster brought up to strong by his single mother who’s a police. Raja is well trained as his mother aspires him to become a cop. She influences in the department and puts him on an offline confidential police mission. It is to save Lucky(Mehreen), daughter of a honest police officer who gets killed by a ruthless criminal. The villain is on hunt for Lucky. Raja uses all his tricks to keep her safe. At one point he’s vexed and decides to fight back. How Raja goes against all odds in combating hardcore criminals, saves the girl, wins her love and also secures a job in the department.


Raja The Great is made on regular commercial format. Director banks heavily on entertainment elements. First half establishes how our blind hero can keep an upper hand in anything he does in the outside world. It is dealt in a funny with interesting comedy episodes set in Darjeeling. With an meticulous and thrilling interval bang the film takes some emotional turn. The film has lot more to offer like mother – son’s cool chemistry, heroine’s painful past and ambition to fulfill her father Prakash Raj’s dream etc.

However, again director chose some mass gimmick episodes coming in every now and then keeping front rows on toes. Using ‘Gunna Gunna Mamidi’ song to boost women power to take revenge on their harassing husbands is one of those. Treatment is maintained with the similar tempo till the climax. Set aside logics to get entertained with some fun and mass adrenaline rush is the motto of the film and it keeps the promise.

Raja The Great Movie Review:

Raja The Great is out and out mass entertainer of Ravi Teja style. Nevertheless the protagonist is a blind man, that didn’t hold back the director from presenting him heroic. That’s the catch point USP of the film. In fact, Raja The Great shows Ravi Teja in double heroism with all those superlative antics. The film has umpteen giggle and whistle blowing mass moments.


Ravi Teja delivers a double energetic performance. He showcased those nuances of a blind person at the same time not missing his hyper antics that brought him special fan base. His performance made it convincing to make believe those super heroic stunts. Mass Maharaja’s folk style dances will make theaters roar. Mehreen is cute but appeared bit plump in the songs. She has a decent role with scope to perform. Srinivas Reddy is the sidekick of hero and he adds to the fun. Rajendra Prasad, Ali, Posani, Satyam Rajesh and several other comedians appear and contribute their bit for laughs.


Background music is biggest asset of the film. Sai Kartheek’s BGM doubles the vigor and fizz in the mass elements of the film. Anil Ravipudi seems to be an expert in using BGM. He used Gunna Gunna Mamidi here like he used ‘Bhagwad Gita’ in Pataas. Couple of songs are hummable and colorfully picturized. Cinematography is decent and those racy action portions are well canned.

Bottom-line: Raja The Great is a rollicking entertainer with ample mass and gig moments.

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