Ram Gopal Varma ‘God, Sex and Truth’ Full Movie Review


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Cast: Mia Malkova

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Music: MM Keeravani

Producer: Strike Force LLC USA

Duration: 19 Minutes

Ram Gopal Varma ‘God, Sex and Truth’ Full Movie Review

The youth of India have never been as restless as they were for this Republic Day, not that it’s a dry day but to make it a wet day. All have been seeking for truth and God. In between missing word is the actual point of curiosity. It is Ram Gopal Varma’s God, Sex & Truth taking internet by storm. The director created maximum buzz free of cost through TRP craving TV channels. GST has released online through a private channel on pay per view. Some of the viewers have been raving about it saying it gives ecstatic feeling while many are disappointed.

As promised, RGV’s GST offers nude scenes showcasing that contours of women’s body never been explored earlier. Varma’s camera angles and technically prowess got its accomplishment. However, the film is not even a soft porn film in that sense. RGV’s version is about sexual spirituality. The mystic presentation of voluptuous body of Mia Malkova gives a voyeuristic pleasure to men of course.

Beyond that it has a transcendental experience. The husky voiceover raises thought provoking ideas of sex that have been untold or suppressed under social stigma. Above all the enigmatic music of MM Keeravani would make one attain orgasm to the soul. Sex is ultimate pleasure humans can have that is equivalent to bliss state attained through spirituality is therefore proved according to RGV. Apparently, he’s inspired from sensuous statues on famous temple sanctums.

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