Real reason behind Modi’s 9 minutes call

PM Narendra Modi has given a call to citizens to put off lights at houses on Sunday at 9pm and light diyas and candles in balcony and outside the houses. Celebs including Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan etc are urging people to light lamps to ward off evil Corona. Several weird WhatsApp messages are doing rounds on this. One of it says that it is mentioned in Yajurveda that virus die in darkness and that Nasa has confirmed that 9 planets will come in alignment on Apr 5th at 9pm.

Another version is that corona dies as temperature across country rises as people light lamps. One more thing heard is mass reading of Gayatri mantra will kill the virus due specific intense vibration. Well, we don’t know the truth in these messages but one thing is sure that lighting lamps at a time shows unity in fight against this pandemic and cheers us in this testing times.


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