Renu Desai’s Shocker To Pawan Kalyan Fans

Renu Desai made her TV debut with dance show ‘Neethone Dance’. The actress cum filmmaker gave an interview to a news channel on this occasion on Dussehra day. When asked about her re-marriage, Renu said that she would consider it when she finds a matured person who can understand her and welcome her life. Renu said that she felt lonely when she was suffering with illness. These remarks haven’t gone well with Pawan Kalyan fans. They started trolling her on twitter asking her not to marry again and that she would lose respect if she does so. Renu has reacted strongly on these comments from fans. Here’s what she responded on her social networking site,

*THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT ME PERSONALLY. It’s my general thought about today’s society and the mindset of men!

Ee post kevalam nannu uddhesinchindhi ani nenu anukovatledhu. This post is not about me personally. Kani ilanti comments chadhivinappudu ‘Asalu manam elanti samajam lo, elanti mindset unna magavalla madhya bathukuthunnam?’ ani chala andolanaga anipisthundhi. Oka vaipu, women equality, aadapillala shakti, rapes nunchi security, bhadratha gurinchi matladuthunnam. Inko vaipu, 7 yrs nenu ontarigaa undi, ippudu naaku oka life partner unte bagundu ani just express chesinandhuku, naku ‘hate msgs’ pamputhunnaru. Mana desam lo, oka magaadu emaina cheyachu, enni sarlaina pelli chesukovachu. Kani, oka ammai inko relation gurinchi alochinchadam kuda thappu! Thanu lifelong, thappu chesaananna feeling tho ontarigaa bathakaala??? I pray to God today, I sincerely pray to God today that Ee desam lo ammayila future bagundaalante, mahilale vaalla kodukulanu paddhatiga penchaali. Appudaina magavaalla mindset lo maarpu vasthundhemo…