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Cast : Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari, Sr. Naresh

Director : Mohana Krishna Indraganti

Producers : Sivalenka Krishna Prasad

Music: Vivek Sagar

Cinematographer : P G Vinda

Editor : Martand K Venkatesh


Vijay(Sudheer) is an artist who aspires to publish children’s book. He lives with adorable family in a lovely home. His father (Naresh) pursues to become an actor after taking voluntary retirement.

He offers his house for rent to a film shoot in return for a role in the same. Vijay who hates cinema is against it. Sameera (Aditi) is the heroine of the film, she’s a superstar coming from Mumbai. Vijay and friends make mock Sameera for her funny Telugu accent.

She requests him to teach her Telugu for better dialogue delivery. Eventually, both get close. Sameera gets attached to the family as well. One fine day, Vijay proposes to her but she rejects. Heartbroken Vijay feels deceived.

At the same time the Naresh also feels cheated and entire family is upset with the film unit. What’s the cause for their distress? Why did Sameera decline Vijay’s proposal? Will the couple patch up their differences and reunite? To find out, watch Sammohanam in theaters.


Sammohanam is a class and cool romantic entertainer with comedy, family drama interestingly set on film backdrop. Indraganti Mohan Krishna has come up with fresh plot. It’s a sensible movie like many of his previous ones.

Screenplay too is away from formula films that seldom have surprising twists or interval bangs. The film takes off on slow note but gradually picks up pace and turns engaging. Fun is evoked with film shooting episode in the first half.

Some well made cute romantic scenes are appealing but lags could have been avoided. Adorable family bonding inspires. The film appears too classy with subtle performances and refined dialogues. Perhaps, comedy has worked out to good extent. Feel and emotions have been carried well.


Sudheer Babu delivers a solid performance with precise expressions and dialogue diction. Aditi Rao is graceful and apt to the role as a star heroine. Naresh is at his best with terrific comedy timing. Rahul Ramakrishna and Abhay add to the fun. Pavithra Lokesh as mother and Harshini as sister are good too.


Sammmohanam has got rich production values. Cinematography is top notch, it gives a pleasant visual feel. Music sounds aloof yet compliments the mood. Scenes could have been crisply edited for the better. Some lengthy scenes with deep emotions may only appeal to elite section.

Bottom-line: Sammohanam is a class rom-com with filmy family drama.



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