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Cast: Shakalaka Shankar, Karunya Chowdary

Director : N Sreedhar

Producers : Y.Ramana Reddy, Suresh Kondeti

Music: Sai Karthik

Cinematographer : Rajasekhar

Editor : Chota.K.Prasad

Shambo Shankara Movie Review 


Ajay Ghosh is a tyrant president of Ankammapalle who troubles villagers. Shankar(Shakalaka) is daring and dashing youngster who vows to dethrone president and save the village from his evil clutches. How Shankar takes on powerful president form the rest of the story.


Shambo Shankara is outdated formula action entertainer set on rural backdrop. It’s a disappointing stuff with lackluster screenplay and routine narration. Shankar’s attempt at turning a mass hero with heavy action fails to impress. It is blunder to have set aside comedy which is his actual strong point.

The family emotional scenes in the film are decent. The interval bang is good with Shankar’s terrific performance. Second half is terrible with silly scenes and sentimental overdose. Unnecessary hero elevation and build up shots irks.


Shakalaka Shankar shines with his impressive performance. His flawless dialogue delivery mouthing lengthy lines is the highlight of the movie. He is also good at performing stunts and grooving to mass dance movements. But at places his action goes overboard. Karunya Chowdary is okay and her chemistry with Shankar works out.


Shakalaka Shankar appears a spoof to high budget mass entertainers. Production values are below par. Most of the scenes are underwhelming with mediocre direction. Dialogues are good. Music is average and Cinematography is poor.

Bottom-line: Shambo Shankara – only for Shakalaka

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