Survey Reveals Shocking Facts on Women’s Beauty Secret

Indian women are open to experimentation and are now ready to invest time and money in expensive make-up, says a make-up expert.

Aleksandra Byra, make-up expert and lead beauty trainer of Poland-based cosmetic brand Inglot, said there is an increase in awareness about the importance of skincare.

“With the influence of the West, there has been an increase in awareness and the importance of skincare and the use of quality products among Indians. Consumers look at the ingredients and the benefits they can receive by using certain products. Preference is given to natural cruelty free products,” Byra told to a news agency.

“Women are open to experimentation and readily try out the latest trends in skincare and make-up. They are ready to invest time and money in expensive make-up. They are more quality driven and will invest a good amount in beauty and skincare, if given results,” she added.

Byra was in India to host a masterclass in New Delhi and Mumbai this month.

She said: “In India, women have preferred to use beauty secrets passed on in their families from generation to generation in the past.

“Staples and fresh ingredients such as saffron, turmeric, milk cream and gram flour were used to enhance one’s beauty. The change and development in lifestyle and penetration of consumerism has led to a shift in preference of Indian women and their acceptance towards cosmetics.”



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