Why World Bank dropped loan to Amaravati?

World Bank backing off from lending US $ 300 million (Rs 2100 crore approx..) for the infrastructure development of new AP Capital, Amaravati came as shocker. Ruling YSR Congress party and opposition TDP party have been blaming each other. It is alleged that CM YS Jagan is not interested in developing Amaravati instead he has plans to shift capital to Donakonda.

Reportedly, World Bank took the decision after receiving complaints from farmers accusing TDP government of forcefully taking their agricultural lands using land pooling act.

Central Government is said to have withdrawn loan request with World Bank fearing bad reputation leading to effect on financial aid to other parts of the country.

World Bank had to drop the financial support considering farmers’ plea and environmental deviations in building Amaravati.

However, TDP accused that YS Jagan government instigated farmers to complain with World Bank.

chandrababu naidu ys jagan


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