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Ullas (Sunil) in a small time conman in a village. Perhaps his family is orthodox and his father doesn’t even like people who drink. Ullas’s chased by people who got cheated by him. Accidentally, Ullas gets a marriage proposal from USA. Bride Laya is none other than his childhood crush. They get married with consent of both families. On first night Ullas gets shocker of his life, he learns that she’s a terrible alcoholic. Ullas objects her habit and this leads to differences between them. They happen to travel to the US. What Ullas does to make her get rid of drinking habit has to be watched on big screen.

2 Countries Review


2 Countries is faithful to its original Malayalam film by same name. Director Shankar made minor changes to cater to the native audience. The film appears outdated with 1990s kind of scenes. First half literally tests patience with slapstick comedy that is force rubbed. Several episodes appear to have seen earlier. Over a period of time, the film gets weary to sit through. The conflict point that comes in interval too is not that impressive. Second half is even more miserable with silly challenges and lackluster scenes.


Sunil can be seen in his regular style. His antics may bring some laughs but that doesn’t save the grace as script is too weak. Appearance wise heroine is good but she needs to learn to emote to make it big. Srinivas Reddy as Sunil sidekick is good. Sayaji Shinde, Krishna Bhagwan and other supporting characters are okay.


Production values are pathetic. Background score is biggest drawback that made film appear old fashioned. Cinematography is also of low standard. Too many lags in the scenes. Too many dialogues that are unnecessarily fired leaves audience numb as one can’t hold on to any.

Cast: Sunil, Manisha Raj, Srinivas Reddy,

Director: N Shankar

Music: Gopi Sundar

Banner: Mahalakshmi Arts Producers: N.Shankar

Cast: Sunil, Manisha Raj, Srinivas Reddy, Prudv

Bottom-line: 2 Countries – Stuck in 1980s




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