Achari America Yatra Full Movie Review And Rating


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Achari America Yatra Full Movie Review And Rating
Cast: Vishnu Manchu, Pragya Jaiswal, Brahmanandam, Thakur Anoop Singh
Director: G Nageswar Reddy
Music: SS Thaman, Achu Rajamani
Producer: Kirthi Chowdary, Kittu
Banner: Padmaja Creations
Achari America Yatra has created interest since announcement of its title. Vishnu Manchu teaming up his hit director G Nageswar Reddy after ‘Denikaina Ready’ and ‘Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam’ has raised expectations on this comedy entertainer.  Brahmanandam playing full length role is another pulling factor. Let us see if this combo delivered another laugh riot with Achari America Yatra.
Krishnamachari ( Vishnu) and Appalachari (Brahmanandam) along with his assistants perform Yagnam for good health of Raju garu (Kota Srinivas), an elderly rich landlord. Raju garu dies all of a sudden. Subbaraju (Pradeep Rawat), his son-in-law feels that he died because of wrongly performed Yagnam and orders goons to kill Acharis.
To escape from them, Krishnamachari and Co fly to USA. He finds his estranged girlfriend Renuka(Pragya Jaiswal) there. She’s forcibly engaged to Vikram (Anoop Singh), who is son of Subbaraju. Krishnamachari and Co are asked to look after marriage rituals. Krishnamachari and Co has to save Renuka from villains clutches.
Achari America Yatra Movie Review:
Achari America Yatra is a rom-com entertainer with family drama. Major part of the story is set in USA. Story starts on a silly note but the first half is fun with lighter vein comedy. Romance between lead pair is appealing.
Back and forth narration keeps it engaging with lingering suspense element. The actual story unravels by interval. Second half braces with hero and his friends tricking the villains thereby evoking comedy. Interim, peppy songs with colorful making further light up. There are some noteworthy mass moments with vigorous action stunts.
Essaying a priest role after Denikaina Ready, Vishnu excels with his body language and dialogue delivery. His comedy timing is to a T. Brahmanandam is back with a bang. His combination with Vishnu is hilarious. Pragya Jaiswal oozes oomph in glamorous outfits and she also did decent job in emotional scenes. Praveen, Prabhas Sreenu, Prudhvi, Vidyulekha add to the fun.
Achari America Yatra is filmed extensively in USA. Exotic locations of America are amazingly captured. Railway station fight and chase episodes are canned on par to Hollywood. Background score enhances the overall experience. Songs are scintillating.
Bottom-line: Achari America Yatra – happy journey!
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