Adhirindhi Movie Review


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Cast: Vijay, Kajal Agarwal, Samantha, Nithya Menen

Music: AR Rahman

Director: Atlee

Banner: Thenandal Studio Ltd.

Presented by: North Star Entertainment

Adhirindhi Story:

Vijay is a kind hearted doctor who treats poor just by taking Rs 5 as his fees. He is felicitated in Paris for his medical achievements and service. Twist in the tale comes as a London’s leading doctor who is also a Indian gets murdered at a magic show. Police officer Sathyaraj arrests Vijay on charges of the murder. Did he really commit the crime or is it his doppelganger? The story goes back to village where his father again Vijay had been a do-gooder wanted to provide free medical service to the villagers but was cheated by Dr Daniel (SJ Suryah). His pregnant wife (Nithya Menen) had to bear the brunt of the conspiracy.


Adhirindhi (Mersal) has garnered enormous buzz due to the controversial dialogues on GST. The dialogues come in climax last only a minute or two. Political leaders have unnecessarily made silly issue bigger diverting the much more significant point focused in the film which actually needs to be debated. While some 30 years ago village grannies could treat a pregnant women to deliver in normal, isn’t it skeptical that cesareans are inevitable in this advanced medical era. The cronie captalististic ideology that struck medical industry is what Adhirindhi is all about.

Adhirindi Review:


Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad penned the script with his trademark emotionally charged moments. The film has many heroic elements for fans to cherish. First half is set in Europe. Screenplay is interestingly switches between showing hero as a philanthropic doctor and magician who is on revenge mission. It is balanced with romancing with Kajal and comic relief by Vadivel. Director chose revealing that they are twins in the interval though it is predictable. Second half is reserved for village flashback and heavy sentiment. As usual, brothers avenge parents murder by thrashing the villain.


Vijay excels in his usual mass heroic character. Out of his three roles, Lungi clad Villager get-up stands out. Kajal doesn’t have much of a role. Samantha is okay in her funny bubbly role. It’s Nithya Menen who has a meaty role and she delivers a decent performance. SJ Suryah gives noteworthy performance as villain.

Technical aspects:

The film is extravagantly made with grand visuals. AR Rahman’s music is biggest asset of the film. Background score is terrific. Couple of songs haunt music lovers for long, expecially the powerful ‘O Sodhara’ track. Action sequences are lavish and thrilling.

Bottom-line: Adhirindhi is a regular mass masala film with grandeur and an underlying message