Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu Review


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Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu Review

Ram Gopal Varma’s political satire drama created sensation with real life inspired characters surrounding current AP political scenario. However, the film is filled with fiction and fantasy predicting future events. Caste clashes as dominating community of Kadapa takes control of power centric community of Vijayawada raked controversy and stir among political circles and public. People have been eagerly waiting to watch the caricatures of their favourite leaders’ imitation and mimicry. Thanks to TV channels that conducted debates with RGV throwing thug attitude with every other leader. The maverick director succeeded in creating enormous buzz. Trailers grabbed attention with mockery of Chandrababu, Lokesh, Pawan Kalyan and KA Paul.

Obviously, RGV focused on TDP and Janasena leaders making them look as cartoons. On the other hand, CM YS Jagan is the hero with his dynamic leadership. As their political party’s existence is under question, the opposition couldn’t digest the power transition and so indulges in communal violence to create instability in the state. How the ruling party and CM effectively retorts back and retain power is the plot of Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu. Lokesh and Paul are diminished to slapstick comedians. Pappu scenes and Teeyagundhi scenes raise whistles in theatres.

Chandrababu is not spared either, he’s intended to portray a villain but in sarcastic way. Characters of Devineni Nehru and Nani are showcased as goons who pollute the minds. The actress who plays Brahmani is decent. The fictional characters of CBI officers played by Kathi Mahesh and Anchor Swapna look forced and silly. Last but not least, the aping Janasena chief sorry Manasena chief Pawan Kalyan will make even his diehard fans ROFL as RGV seems to have taken special care to etch it close to reality and the actor aces.

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