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Cast: Naga Anvesh, Hebah Patel

Director : Palani

Music : Bheems Cecireleo

Producer : Bhuvan Sagar

Angel Story:

Nani(Nag Anvesh) is a small-time conman who happens to meet a celestial angel Nakshatra(Hebah Patel). Eventually they get closer and fall in love. Her father in abode learns about her love and sends an escort (Kabir Duhan Singh0 to take her back. Will Nakshatra leave Nani and go away or will she stays back and marry him? Curious to know? Watch Angel at your nearest theaters.


Angel is a romantic film woven on socio-fantasy backdrop. Script is inconsistant and rarely has any exciting moment. Old fashioned and bland narration played spoilsport. First half is somewhat okay with Hebah coming to the world and how romance blossoms between lead pair. From interval the film takes turn of regular commercial potboiler projecting heroism. Comedy works in bits and pieces. There is no motive and justification of Angel to land on earth in the first place. Non of the emotions are carried well since the narration oscillates without purpose.


Hero Nag Anvesh is cool as a nonchalant youngster. Hebah Patel looked cute and delivered decent performance as Angel. Sapatagiri provides comic relief. Kabir Duhan Singh grabs some attention with his aggresion.Shayaji Shinde and Pradeep Rawat played their parts well.


VFX work is heavy in order to create the fantasy world, it covers almost half the film. Background score by Bheems Cecerelio is decent but songs are big let down. Cinematography is just average. Director Palani should have concentrated on script rather than focusing on fancies.

Bottom-line: Angel is an outdated fantasy film dolled up in VFX