Baahubali Dad’s looks should change their mind!

The behemoth success of Baahubali and Prabhas’ skyrocketing stardom need no mention anymore. Some say that Baahubali is no different from a commercial potboiler reiterating that SS Rajamouli is a mass director at heart.

Elite critics who primarily compare any film with Hollywood pointed at father Amarendra Baahubali and son Mahendra Baahubali looking alike in the magnum opus. For all those naysayers who booed at it saying it happens only in Indian masala flicks, its time you change your old school of idea dudes as Prabhas’ dad Late UV Suryanarayana Raju looks ditto as him.

Suryanarayana Raju was a popular producer who produced several superhits like Bhakta Kannappa and Amaradeepam with brother rebel star Krishnam Raju. His last film as a producer was Prabhas’ Billa. Suryanarayanaraju passed away on Feb 12th, 2010, its his 9th death anniversary.

prabhas dad uv suryanarayana raju


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