Balagam director Venu lands in a trouble

Director Venu Yeldandi’s debut film, Balagam, which has received critical acclaim and box office success, has recently been hit by an unexpected controversy. A group of MPTCs from Ibrahimpatnam mandal, Jagityal district, have reportedly filed a complaint against the director, alleging that he has depicted MPTCs in a derogatory manner in certain scenes of the film.

The Balagam movie team is taken aback by this development, and Venu is yet to respond to the allegations. It is worth noting that the film, starring Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram in lead roles, the movie has grossed nearly Rs 50 crore at the global box office and has received accolades from top Tollywood stars. Despite the controversy, Balagam’s success continues to stand as a testament to its quality.