Balakrishnudu Movie Review


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Cast: Nara Rohith, Regina Cassandra

Director: Pavan Mallela

Music: Manisharma


Balu (Rohith) is a goon who does anything for money. He’s assigned to guard Aadhya (Regina) who has life threaten from factionist enemies of her aunty (Ramya). Balu falls in love with Aadhya in the process, however he hides his feelings in commitment to his duty. Pratap Reddy (Ajay), factionist gang’s leader releases from jail and sets on hunt for Aadhya. Balu accidentally meets Pratap and humiliates him. So, Balu also adds to revenge list of Pratap. Now, Balu has two missions to safely transport Aadhya to her aunt and also combat Pratap. To catch the action and drama watch Balakrishnudu.


Balakrishnudu comes as a regular commercial potboiler. Nara Rohith attempts full length mass role for first time. The film appears to be a mass masala ‘Transporter’. Most of the time film runs in action and chase mode. First half is entertaining with Vennela Kishore and Prudhvi’s hilarious comedy. Faction episodes between Ajay and Ramya Krishna are too heavy. Till interval it appears bit racy and interesting. Second goes Hayward with no proper motive or conflict in the story. Moreover, routine scenes and predictable narration kills the petty excitement from the first half. Mahabharatha drama scene and other intended comedy doesn’t bring any laughs.


Nara Rohith’s mass appeal works out. He tries different slangs from Telangana to Rayalaseema. His body language to is apt for the massy role. Regina Cassandra sizzles with too much skin show and performs well in latter half. Prudhvi steals the show by making first half laugh riot. Vennela Kishore is also good. Thagubothu Ramesh, Srinivas Reddy, Raghu Babu are wasted.


Manisharma’s music is highlight of the Balakrishnudu. His background score elevates even the dull scenes. His massy tracks also add some pep to the movie. Cinematography is pretty average.

Bottom-line: Mass masala ‘Transporter’!



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