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Cast: Anushka Shetty, Unni Mukundan, Jayaram, Asha Sharath, Murali Sharma
Music: S Thaman
Director: Ashok
Producers: Vamsi, Pramod
Banner: UV Creations
Bhaagamathie Story:
Chanchala (Anushka) is an IAS officer working as PA to the home minister (Jayaram). She is jailed on charges of murdering her fiancee Sakthi (Unni Mukundan), a social activist. On the other hand, Minister resigns taking responsibility for series of temple robberies in the state. CBI officer Vaishnavi(Asha Sharath) is appointed to investigate the robberies.
In order to keep the probe secret, she shifts Chanchala to a villa in a secluded area to interrogate her. Chanchala encounters strange things in the villa. Eventually, she realizes that it is haunted. The investigation team gets scared and puzzled with Chanchala’s weird behaviour there on. What follows next will be interesting to watch on big screen.
Bhaagamathie Review:
Coming as a thriller, Bhaagamathie has an intriguing screenplay with non-linear narration. First half is engaging with taking off as a crime investigation. Audience are kept guessing with interesting twists and sub-plots. Suspense is maintained to a level. Scenes are keenly beaded to keep the flow without confusion.
Paranormal activities in the villa are quite creepy with some well crafted VFX and sound effects. Some fun is evoked with comic cop characters. Romance between lead pair is appealing. The actual mystery unfolds in the second half. However, there are logic loopholes and clues given away to the audience to easily arrive at the point.
Bhaagamathie’s biggest strength is its ensemble cast. Anushka Shetty gives yet another brilliant performance. Her screen presence itself makes the needed impact. Her antics as Bhaagamathie will feast for her fans.
Unni Mukundan looks perfect beside Anushka. The pair’s romantic chemistry is good. Asha Sharath is apt as CBI officer. Jayaram and Murali Sharma has got decent roles. Dhanraj, Prabhas Sreenu and Vidyullekha Raman bring some laughs.
Production values are decent. Thaman’s background score is average but the re-recording is decent for that bangs to scare. Cinematography is pretty good in capturing the lavish bungalow. Art department needs a special mention.
Without that haunted house there is no Bhaagamathie. VFX is okay. The film banks entirely well written script that keeps glued. Director Ashok did justice to the script, his direction prowess has been showcased well in several scenes.
Bottom-line: Bhaaga “mathie” (mind)
Bhaagamathie is a thriller with pinch of elements like supernatural, psychedelic, crime and suspense. It is decent watch for family audience for this Republic Day weekend. Those who expect periodic visuals with Anushka wielding sword would get disappointed.
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