Chandrababu Deeksha: Tea stains on Yellow shirts!

Nevertheless, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s Dharma Porata Deeksha in Delhi has attracted national media’s focus as former PMs Manmohan Singh, Deve Gowda, Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal, Congress president Rahul Gandhi and other national leaders paid a visit. But howfar the purpose of protest has been served remains to be seen.

The dharna is to demand fulfillment of bifurcation promises including special category status to AP. Rival parties allege that the protest has been sidetracked and diluted as it appeared more a political meeting held for Modi bashing. Targeting PM with personal attacks is being considered hitting below the belt.

chandrababu naidu deeksha in delhi

In their speeches, TDP leaders including actor Sivaji criticized Modi for leaving his wife. Most of them took a jibe at him for being a chaiwala PM. Moreover, a placard at the venue created stir. The placard in Hindi read “Instead of returning the used teacup to the chaiwala, people had given him the country.”

This evoked severe criticism not just from BJP folks but also netizens trolled Naidu and his TDP men for insulting PM. They questioned, “why can’t a man from humble background as a tea seller be a PM?”

Chaiwala comments on PM terribly backfired at Chandrababu’s deeksha, feel political analysts while TDP men are busy retrospecting the damage.

chandrababu deeksha modi placard jhootha chai cup



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