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Director: Sri Kishore

Producers’: RV Raju, D Venkatesh, Akrosh

Music DirectorKamran

Starring: Bhupal Raju, Manoj Nandam, Dhanraj, Pooja Ramachandran


Devi Sri Prasad is a crime thriller directed by debutant Sri Kishore. It is a story about three close friends Devi (Bhupal Raju) Sri (Dhanraj) and Prasad (Manoj Nandam) who involved in an accident. The title itself justifies their names. Leela (Pooja Ramachandran) is an actress. During the shoot, the three friends adore her physique and gets back to their daily routine.  That night, she dies in an accident and her body is rushed to the hospital for post-mortem. One among the three guys is working in the hospital as a ward boy. He informed his friends about accident and they get ambivalent thoughts when they see the heroine on the stretcher. Will they do what they think?  How is she dead? What change she does bring in these three friends life? To know this, you have to watch the film in theatres.

Screenplay, performance

The screenplay of the movie is engaging but it lags at times. The content is quite good as it is an adaptation from Spanish film ‘corpse of Anne Fritz’ but it illogical in few scenes. The cinematic liberty is taken by the team but it didn’t make anything out of it. The comedy in the film couldn’t generate laughs in the theatre. The climax is good and could have been better as it feels like the whole film carried on the climax which was quiet forecaster.


The major plus point for the movie is Dhanraj and his friends. Pooja Ramachandran is not bad in her role but had nothing to do much in the movie. But the movie revolves around her performance.

Technical aspects

The major asset for the film is its crispy time. The editing is good and the cinematography is not bad. Music added its bit to the development of the story. The production values are good enough as the movie is a small budget movie. The director Sai Kishore could have worked on the narration of the movie as many scenes are unscientific and will dishearten you.


The film could have been better on the overall view. The film is interesting for few minutes and the rest is just boring if you are looking for either serious horror or comedy horror.

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