Falaknuma Das F**s and S**s

Ballyhooed and over hyped Falaknuma Das turned out to be a flop. The film gained buzz with teasers with Vishwak Sen using cuss words. The hero – director has been showing attitude and arrogance in his speeches and interviews. Film folks felt he was trying to walk the path of Vijay Deverakonda. In his recent video byte, Vishwak Sen slammed critics for spreading negative reports on Falaknuma Das. “Den****tha L****Jk**lani,” abused he. It means,”I will F** those B*****ds” Netizens and media have been trolling Vishwak Sen for his headweight. The young actor feels that Vijay Deverakonda’s fans are trolling him. However, he held press meet and clarified that he was not abusing media or any hero’s fans. Arrogance will not work in this competitive days indeed.


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