Forget Chandrayaan2, Massive asteroids to hit earth soon!

In 2012, world awaited apocalypse and it didn’t happen. It became a Hollywood movie. Again now, wide spread news says two massive asteroids are speeding towards earth. Scientists say that they could hit our planet. The impact will be catastrophic that it could wipe out few cities. Tsunamis and earth quakes are expected to occur in various countries. Crores of people would die if the asteroids hit the earth. Scientists state that two massive asteroids have flew past Earth on August 28, 2019. They call it a great escape. NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) identified the asteroids as 2000 QW7 and 2010 CO1 will approach Earth within a 24-hour period. Reports state Over 7 lakh asteroids are found floating in space. So, even if we miss being hit by the asteroids on Sep 14th, we still have many more dangers out there. Live happily 🙂


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