Gruham Movie Review


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Cast: Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah, Suresh, Atul Kulkarni

Director: Milind Rau

Music: Girishh

Cinematography: Shreyaas Krishna

Edited: Lawrence Kishore

Producer: Siddharth

Banner: Viacom

Siddharth is back with horrorr-thriller. Gruham is dubbed version of Tamil horror-thriller titled ‘Aval’. Here’s our Gruham Movie Review:

Gruham Story:

Krishna Kumar aka Krish (Siddharth) is a neurosurgeon. He and his wife live happily in a house on scenic hillock near Himalayas. Things get complicated for them as a new family arrives at their neighboring house. Jenny, a teenage girl behaves strangely. She suffers fits and Krish treats her. However, she continues with her weird acts and her parents consult psychiatrist. As things get worse, a exorcist comes into picture, the families learn that the house is haunted and she’s possessed. The doctors and exorcist are entailed with the mission of learning the motive of the ghost and save the girl.


Gruham is a horror-thriller of regular pattern but it has been interestingly executed with engulfing narration. The film has got some spine-chilling and creepy moments. Focus is on romantic intimacy of the couple and the wife’s envy as the teen girl gets close to husband in the first half. Jenny’s character is mysteriously designed and it keeps the curiosity on. Pace picks up from interval as the film gets on to investigation mode. The actual mystery unfolds towards pre-climax but it gets familiar as seen time and again in the genre. Gruham could have been much more exciting with rather convincing and novel climax.

Gruham Movie Review


Gruham is technically brilliant. Production design plays major role in a horror-thriller and it is well done. Location where the film is set itself gives the intended haunting effect. Cinematography is good with some eccentric shots and angles that enhance the spooky feel and background music supplements it. Sound effects need a special mention for making it absorbing. VFX is realistic and the film has different color tone from usual films. Thankfully make up is not over the board to create scary face.


Siddharth gives stellar performance as a doctor and a victim of circumstances. Andrea is also decent in her role. Jenny has a tough job as possessed girl as she takes center stage most of the screen time. Seasoned actors like Suresh and Atul Kulkarni excel in their wise roles.

Bottom-line: Gruham is a spooky thriller with a social message.

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