Idi Naa Love Story Full Movie Review


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Cast: Tarun, Oviya
Director: Ramesh Gopi
Music : Srinath Vijay
DOP: Christopher Joseph
Editor: Shankar
Producer : SV Prakash
Tarun is back in his lover boy avatar after a long time. ‘Idi Naa Love Story’ is a romantic entertainer directed by Ramesh Gopi releasing on the occasion of Valentine’s day. Here’s our review on the film.
Abhi(Tarun) is a filmmaker who is immersed in his creative world. He is distracted by a beautiful girl Abhinaya(Oviya). Abhi seeks her love but Abhinaya has got no such intentions. Eventually, she too gets inclined towards him. However, fate has different plan for both of them. Her health condition becomes hurdle in their love life. Will Abhi overcome the problem? Will she be alright? Will their love win over fate? Curious to know, watch Idhi Na Love Story in theaters.
Idhi Na Love Story is attempt to appear novel. To keep such an wafer thin story interesting, it needs a riveting screenplay. But Idhi Naa Love Story falls short of either. The film also fails to remain a simple love story. Its a big disappointment for Valentine’s day. Some suspense is retained towards the climax. Besides that entire film is tedious with too many flashbacks and lengthy conversations. There is no proper justification for interval. No emotion connects with the audience properly, everything is haphazard.
Tarun shoulders the entire film. He is the only saving grace of the film. Tarun is the first hero to be attributed ‘Lover Boy’ tag. Surprisingly, he delivers that vigor of a performance even today. Tamil Biggboss fame Oviya Helen is cute looking but lacks the expressions her role requires. She is always dolled up like a kid going for school fancy dress competition. Romantic chemistry between lead pair didn’t workout and its the main dearth in the movie.
Production values are pretty good. Music is average. Couple of songs are hummable. Cinematography is well handled. Terrible dialogues kill the soul of the movie. Editing is another misery. Crisp editing chopping of atleast 20 minutes could have saved the film. Direction is amateur.
Bottom-line: ‘Idhi Naa Love Story’ – No more Valentine’s Day!


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