Juliet Lover Of Idiot Movie Review


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Cast: Naveen Chandra, Nivetha Thomas

Director: Ajay Vodhirala

Producers: Kothapalli R. Raghu Babu, K.B. Chowdary

Cinematographer: Arthur A Wilson


Vara (Naveen Chandra) is a happy-go-lucky youngster who works as a valet parking driver. He falls in love with Julie (Nivetha Thomas). One fine day, he finds a briefcase in a customer’s car. It consists of crucial information regarding a ruthless criminal called Khan (Abhimanyu Singh). Vara is trouble, he’s chased by goons of Khan. How Vara escapes the villains and wins his love is the story.


Juliet lover of Idiot is an amateur attempt at a crime thriller. The film has a paper thin plot. Screenplay too is not great either. It has many discrepancies. It has been unnecessarily complicated with subplots. There is no consistency in narration and hence no emotion is fulfilling. Several silly scenes disturb the flow and confuse audience. Romance between lead pair and the forced comedy didn’t work a bit.

After waiting through first half for things to better, even more terrible second half irks to core. Climax looks hurriedly wrapped up.


Naveen Chandra is cool as a aimless romeo. Nivetha Thomas is decent with her performance but it’s not a movie of her caliber. Abhimanyu Singh’s role is weak and he has been wasted. Ali saves grace with his comedy timing.


Production values are too weak. Technically the film is nothing more than a extended serial or a short film. Music is below average. Film appears outdated with bland cinematography. Juliet lover of Idiot is too long for shallow content that it has. Many unwanted scenes could be chopped and others with lags could be trimmed.

Bottom-line: Juliet Lover of Idiot is a gone case


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