Kaasi Full Movie Review And Rating


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Kaasi Full Movie Review And Rating
Cast                      : Vijay Antony, Anjali, Sunainaa
Director                : Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi
Producer              : Fatima Vijay Antony
Music                    : Vijay Antony
Cinematographer : Richard M. Nathan
Editor :  Lawrence Kishore


Bharath (Vijay Anthony), a doctor in USA realizes that he’s an adopted son. He goes on search for is parents to a remote village in India. He sets up a clinic and conducts DNA tests in disguise of treating people. Eventually, he learns that his mother’s name is Parvati.
In process of finding his father, he listens to several stories. Will Bharath ever find his parents?


Kaasi is a suspense drama. Three different stories are shown as flashbacks in this Vijay Anthony imagines himself in his father’s role. First half is some what entertaining with comedy of Yogi Babu. Post interval the film gets monotonous with repeated scenes. Its like beating around the bush. As the mystery unfolds towards pre-climax the film gets predictable. The climax is not so exciting. Some scenes appear silly and unconvincing. The film is also tad too lengthy.
Production values are decent. Music is good but songs are also okay. Cinematography needs special mention for captivating rural visuals and showcasing variation between flashback and present. Hema Chandra’s dubbing for Vijay Anthony is apt. Screenplay could have better and crisp. Direction is not upto the mark. The suspense element fails to create curiosity.


Vijay Antony steals the show. Yogi Babu brings laughs. Nasser, Jayaram and others are decent. Anjali is wasted, she doesn’t have a role.
Bottom-line: Kaasi – Tedious suspense drama


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