Kalyan is not Chiranjeevi, Nagababu warns rivals

Ruling party and opposition party leaders leveled allegations against Pawan Kalyan that he is a package politician. Jana Sena  chief has been busy selecting appropriate candidates to contest in upcoming Assembly elections.

pawan kalyan nagababu janasena

On the other hand, YSRCP leaders are accusing that he received packages from Chandrababu Naidu and is selling party tickets. These allegations are targeted at Janasena to weaken the confidence of leaders. Pawan too is unable to counter the allegations effectively. His brother Nagababu jumps in to defend.

In his recent interview to popular channel, Nagababu said that his brother is not a corrupt politician and is committed to change the way politics have been for decades. Though he has got stardom to earn 150 crores but he quit films to serve people through politics, says he.

“Kalyan babu is not silent man like Chiranjeevi. Opponents had been successful at making false propaganda on Prajarajyam Party. Megastar has been away from films for a decade to serve public. Rivals are resorting to similar propaganda on Janasena. Pawan is aggressive. He can counter them strongly,” said Nagababu.

Further he warned comedian Prudhvi who made offensive comments on Pawan to come face to face if he has guts.


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